Taking care of business

A customer experience I will never forget

July 21, 2017

Before I begin this blog, I want to be clear that my goal with this post is to inform businesses regarding the value of customers and how they should treat customers. Last week, I had sent an email to a local UPS store to print off documents for me. I had used this store on numerous occasions in the past and it had never been a problem. Typically, I would email the document to be printed the night before and pick it up the next day. I would often receive a phone call or email stating that they had received it and the time that it would be ready for pick up. In this case, that didn’t happen. So, around 3pm on Thursday, I called and asked if my document had been received and ready for pick up, the gentlemen that answered said yes and he was working on it, that it would be finished very soon. So, I thanked him and told him that I would arrive soon.

When I walked into the store, there was a line of people waiting, the phone was ringing off the hook and no other associates to help the gentleman. When it was my turn to retrieve my document, he asked my name and picked up random documents to see if they were mine. I said no and he began saying that he never received it. He verified the email address that I sent it to and somehow he said that he never received it. He asked me to resend it and I did. By this time, the line was double in length and I really needed to get going considering that I had another appointment to get to. He printed off my documents and binded the documents and as I looked closely, I noticed that some words were cut off. I then showed it to him and by this time, I did not have time to have him to re-print and bind the documents as originally requested. So, I told him that I would just go home and make do and print it on my regular paper at home. The whole point of using their services was to get my report printed on a different kind of paper and bound, which I did not have at home. Anyways, I mentioned that I had another appointment to get to and to just forget it. That is when hell broke loose.

He immediately told me that I was going to have to pay for the documents. I told him no that I wasn’t because I wasn’t taking the documents and they were printed incorrectly anyways. He began arguing with me and then stopped mid-sentence, storms off in an angry bold voice and told me that he “is through with it and that he was calling the police on me and getting me for SHOPLIFTING!” I was completely shocked! Shoplifting! What! Me? I have barely even had a speeding ticket! I asked him how this was shoplifting considering he was keeping the documents and they weren’t even printed correctly. He didn’t care and went on to yell at me and told me to GROW UP. He then asked me what he was going to do with the documents, “eat them?” I was so shocked! At this point, I began crying out of frustration and shock. I felt like it was all a joke, but sadly it wasn’t. I had to call my attorney and take her advisement on the phone. This man had me so worked up and afraid to leave his store. I truly didn’t know what to do. He then also mentioned that he was the store owner and that he was glad that I called my attorney. He was so rude and inconsiderate. He told his other customers that I was causing a scene. This situation lasted a good 30-45 minutes. Plus, NOBODY, not one of the customers helped me or even LOOKED MY DIRECTION. They acted like I was invisible. It was heartbreaking, like I was some kind of thug or trouble-maker. I still think about that moment and it disappoints me that nobody was willing to take a stand for me as a customer or even step in for me. The only customer who spoke to me was an older man that told me that I needed to lower my voice as I am crying. It was a DISASTER.

I finally decided to contact the police and get everything settled myself. The policeman arrived and went inside the store to speak with him. He then came back outside and told me that he couldn’t make me go to jail and that I hadn’t did anything wrong. He told me to follow up with corporate. Sadly, I did and NOTHING HAPPENED. That was one week ago. NOBODY from corporate ever contacted me to apologize or at least hear me out. It was PITIFUL. I will not EVER go back to that store again. I will also purchase the pretty paper that I initially needed or just go to FED-EX (KINKOS) from now on for printing services. That situation gave me a headache for hours, I lost my appetite for that night, and I had a hard time sleeping that night.

No customer should EVER have to deal with what I went through. When I think back about the situation, I truly believe that the owner/manager was way out of line and should have NEVER acted in that manner. I had been using that store for years and never dealt with him or this kind of poor customer service. I don’t think business owners should ever release their frustrations out on customers and I believe that he was extra stressed because he had no help either. I notice that there is always a hiring sign up in the door and I see why. I can only imagine if I worked with or for this type of manager. He just lost my business and there is no telling how many other customers that he has lost along the way.